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When I woke up this morning and realized this was the last time I’d ever post on Comox Valley Kids, I had one seriously weepy moment.

Tomorrow morning, most if not all of you will be redirected over to Ourbigearth.com and we will launch our new phase as Our Big Earth-Comox Valley.

I feel like I’m in the middle of one of those TV montages when someone gets booted off American Idol or a sitcom is winding down – but we’re just beginning, which is the amazing part.

Anyway, enough of my sentimental blah, blah, blah. I thought we’d wind up our days on CVK with a fun, silly Fall craft that doubles as some door art for Halloween.

See you tomorrow:

Owls are one of those creatures that I am totally fascinated with and VERY unsure about.

We’ve seen them more than once out at spots like the Lazo Marsh and Seal Bay Nature Park hunting and looking very owl-like. But, it’s hard (and not so safe) to get close enough to them to actually check these cool creatures out.

So, when the tiny person was pawing through a book on owls the other day and had all kinds of questions, I turned to the craft bin for a more tactile experience.

This owl pair (mom & dad) were totally silly to make, and I didn’t put a whole lot of learning parameters on how they looked. But, she got the idea about feathers and big eyes (I dig the 3-eyed owl, personally), then we had some fun flying around the house and laughing a bit before waking my parents up (whoops).

Here’s what you need:

- Coloured construction or craft paper
- White Glue
- Scissors
- Hot glue (for the eyes)
- Googlie eyes (we found big ones at Superstore)
- pompoms, feathers and other decorations


1. Hand trace an owl or check out some templates. Cut it out

2. Take the eyes and glue them on with the hot glue gun (parents only. Don’t let your kiddos use the hot glue. Ouch!)

3. Pull out the white glue or glue stick and smear it all over the body of the owl. Then, stick feathers and other decorations on the glue.

That’s it.

These guys found a happy home on our front door, keeping watch over the neighbourhood cats who love to hang out in our bushes.

The tiny person is convinced that the 3-eyed daddy owl will scare anything away.

She may be right:)

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