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Editor’s Note: If you missed this morning’s post, we got green and shopped local with recommendations for some of the hottest natural stocking stuffers for this year. Check it out HERE. Now, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit with the fun family tradition of cutting down the Christmas tree. We have a favorite spot to share with you.

I need sparkle in my life. A room lit by twinkle light. The smell of pine permeating everything in the house.

There’s something so spectacularly homey and warm about a Christmas tree in the living room – and putting up our festive greenery is one of my favourite parts of the holiday season.

Believe it or not, the first time I ever experienced the wonder of heading out to find that perfect tree was when we moved to the Comox Valley in 2006. Over the years, there had been a few seasons where I spent the holidays with folks who put up live trees. But, as a kid my parents had this million-year-old plastic and wire wonder that we dragged out of the basement each December, untwisted and put together like a puzzle.

We’d go out to the forest for the annual Yule Log hunt. But, a real tree was never in the family mix.

When we wandered out to get our first live tree as a family, the sparkle in our tiny person’s eyes at the sight of an evergreen full of lights in our living room was absolutely priceless and I knew that we had to make finding and putting up the tree a true holiday experience.

I went on the quest for that perfect, charming Norman Rockwellian moment of cutting down the Christmas tree that brought together time on the farm, hot cocoa by the fire, sleigh rides and the picking of our holiday greenery

That’s when we found Doveside Christmas Tree Farm.

The drive to the tree farm out on Todd Road is a warm-up for the charm on site. With lovely farms and thoroughbred horse stables dotting the way, you get it right away that this trip will be a memorable one.

As you get to the farm turn-in, you spot smiling families crunching through the frosty forest with saws in hand, mountains watching over them in the background, in search of the perfect Christmas tree.

You’d think you were about to star in a made-for-TV holiday special.

Just a note that Doveside does advertise with OBE. But, they did not pay for or solicit this article.

Doveside and its rustic scene is all about family. With a bonfire warming everyone up, hot cocoa for the kiddos and puppies charming everyone around, you want to hang out and soak up the spirit of the farm owned by Mike and Libby Day as long as possible.

After you pick up a saw and measuring stick, walk out (boots for everyone are a good choice) into the trees and cut down the greenery of your choice, your family can return to the main area and jump on the holiday tractor, wrap up in fleece blankets and enjoy a ride around the absolutely gorgeous creekside property while singing carols and jingling a few jingle bells.

We were out there just as the sun was starting to set, and it was absolutely magical as deer wandered in between the trees and the sky turned rosey.

At $4-a-foot for the tree (cash or check only, so stop by the ATM on the way out there), you’ll find it a wonderful way to spend some holiday time together, ensure you’ve purchased a local tree from a fully sustainable, family-owned business and just plain old have fun.

Doveside is open from Noon to dark during the week and 10 a.m. to dark on Saturdays and Sundays until Christmas.

You can get there from Courtenay along Cliffe Avenue, through downtown, make a right on 1st and a left on Anderton. You will cross the Condensory Road bridge and through the flashing lights at Piercy. Continue straight through for 5.7 km before turning right onto Todd Rd. Go 200m to Doveside Christmas Tree Farm on the left.

It’s a truly special place that is sure to become a family tradition. Enjoy!

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  1. rudi says:

    Wish we hadn’t bought ours yesterday! This sounds SO much better. Good thing Christmas always comes back :)

  2. Alix says:

    Ditto! Could have used this info yesterday! Ah well, there’s always next year!

  3. Robin Rivers says:

    You guys should still take a drive out there for the experience. It’s really fun and now that it’s snowing, the perfect holiday event…:)

  4. Nicola North says:

    We headed out there a couple of weekends ago and we had the best experience, singing carols on the back of the tractor ride, out among the trees was just fabulous – and the dogs joined us too! Hot chocolate and chats to finish off, made it the perfect start to the season!

  5. Another Robin says:

    Ditto to the “we got ours yesterday” while bewailing that we didn’t know of a place like this! Still, as you mention, great for an outing and hey, I’m sure we can all use some more outings with the kids during the lead up to the ‘big event’. So going to bookmark this page for next year.

  6. Chantel says:

    It’s $5 a foot now, still totally worth it! I got mine a week and a half ago and it’s a beauty.

  7. Tracy says:

    We have been getting our Christmas tree since they have opened up and I love it my kids are now young adults and still make a fuss about riding the tractor and singing carols. What a great place to get your christmas tree..

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