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| September 14, 2010 | 6 Comments

When it comes to making learning more accessible around the home, there’s nothing that we’ve found more effective than making projects that take basic skills like alphabet and numbers and turning them into creative adventures.

We’re homeschooling for kindergarten this year and one of the big things that needed to be in place is an accessible, semi-permanent and kid-led ABC chart. So, I went looking for ways to combine our regular walks in the park, a love of pretty paper and nature to pull together a cool nature alphabet that the kiddo and I could spend some time putting together and then use during daily lessons.

I won’t kid you, this project was a fair bit of work. We broke it into several parts and all 26 letters took us more than a week to complete spending a little bit of time on it just about every day. It wasn’t a hard project, just time consuming.

But, in the end, the results were well worth it and we’ve got a fun, handmade alphabet card set that is full of things that are basically customized to our daughter’s interests – making the whole process of reading and writing a bit more personal and easy to tackle.

These are great for preschoolers too. Here’s how to put it all together:


Here’s what you need:

- 13 sheets of scrapbook paper

- Letter cutouts (you can find them at the scrapbook store, make your own or any place that sells Martha Stewart supplies)

- Glue gun (parents only)

- A mix of leaves, seeds and more from a big nature walk

- Scissors

- Black felt pen

- Hole punch

- String



1. Head out on a nature walk and do some serious collecting. This time of year is great for seed pods, different colored leaves and more.


2. Cut each piece of scrapbook paper in half and glue the letters on.


3. Decide what bit in nature goes with each letter and begin creating your creatures and other things. Hot glue them on the cards and write the corresponding name on the bottom.


4. Complete one for each letter of the alphabet (when we couldn’t come up with a creature or nature bit, we made the letter out of leaves, seeds, etc). Then, punch two holes at the top of the card and string up.


With that you have a gorgeous, homemade set of nature alphabet cards that will get learning revved up at home. Have fun!

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  1. Louisa says:

    Holdy is excited to start this project!

  2. Ewa says:

    So cute & usefull… can’t wait until he’s older so we can make this one !!!!
    Thanks Robin !!!! :)

  3. Leif Jason says:

    What a fun (and beautiful) project Robin! Thanks for sharing.

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