Holiday Crafts – New Years Eve Noise Makers

| December 28, 2010 | 1 Comment

It’s been a wild week with weather, family, food and good times. Now we all get to gear up to ring in 2011 with some laughter and fun. So, what better way for the kids to get in the spirit than to whip up their own noise makers out of the leftovers hanging out around the house. We’ve got three easy options for making your very own. Check them out and celebrate!


Here’s what you need:

- Leftover cups, plates, pie tins or anything like that

- Tissue or wrapping paper (leftover from presents) cut into strips

- A glue gun (parents only)

- Sequins

- Glitter glue

- Tissue paper cut into squares

- White glue

- Paint brushes

- Jingle bells

- A stapler


For the plate noise maker, take two plates, put a handful of bells in the middle. Take strips of tissue paper and slide the between the plates, stapling them on. Staple the plates together.

Take glitter glue and sequins to make some great designs.


For the cup noise maker, take squares of tissue paper and “paint” them on the cups with watered down glue. Let dry. Put jingle bells in the cups and hot glue them together.


For the pie tin noise maker, take two tins and put bells in the middle. Hot glue them together. Decorate it on the outside and attach a string so that the noise maker can be worn.

Make some serious fun celebration music this New Year. 2011 promises to be amazing.

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