The Year of Magical Making – Felt ABC Gnomes

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Last year, our oldest daughter and I started creating bits and pieces to go into a magical world that – more than anything – gave her a way to bring her unicorns, castle, fairies and other magical creatures together for some major imaginative play. But, as is with so many things in life, we got sidetracked and only got a few very fun items created.

After the holidays, she brought up our major fail in the magical world department and asked if we could get going on it again. I was definitely on board and it seems a bit easier this year as we have started working these magical makings into our weekly homeschool lesson plans.

The first couple of creations have been fantastic – and we wanted to share them with all of you. So, this year on the second Tuesday of each month we will have a new installment from The Year of Magical Making where you can see how our magical world evolves and some of the fun projects that go with it.

I was inspired to tackle our first project by the website Let’s Explore where they made some fantastic Alphabet Elves for the holidays. These were so cute and I wanted to be able to create a version of these guys that could hang out any time of year. So, we went with the gnomes and some less holiday colors.


Here’s what you need:

- Wooden alphabet blocks (I’ve seen them at Walmart for $5)

- Wooden beads for heads

- Felt in several different colors

- Glue gun (parents only)

- Scissors

- Pen


1. Use the pen and trace out legs and arms as well as a circle for each block. Cut them out. Also, cut a triangle for the hat.


2. Hot glue the legs to the bottom and the arms across the top. Add the circle and then glue the wooden ball on for the head.


3. Take the triangle and wrap it up to make a hat. It’s a little tricky. Then glue it together and glue it onto the wooden ball.


That’s it. You can make a cute collection of gnomes in about an hour. Then, watch the creative play take off. These little guys can be found in just about every corner of our house right now. They seem to have made fast friends with the unicorns and fairies:).

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