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| February 22, 2011 | 2 Comments

As we keep adding to our magical world around here this year, one of the things that keeps coming up is looking up. There is plenty of magic at eye level with gnomes, fairies and other bits of wonder. But, what about up above? In the magical universe – according to our big kid – you would look up and see blankets of stars and hearts and purple clouds.

I’m a little dense on the cloud making part. So, I thought I’d see about the star blankets thing.

For a while now, I have been deeply crushing on the blog GardenMama. Nicole and her gorgeous family create the most spectacular yet simple pieces from nature and I love it when a new post appears in my inbox. So, when she shared her gorgeous mobile project, I knew it was the perfect addition to the magic up above in our house.


This was a project of many steps and took us a couple of days to finish. But, the end results were the star mobile (see above) for the little kiddo and a heart mobile for the big kid.

Here’s what you need:

- Watercolor paper and watercolors

- Star tracers

- Scissors

- Embroidery floss

- Glue Stick

- natural wreath (pick up at a craft or hobby store)


1. Take the watercolor paper and paints and paint up four sheets. Let dry overnight.


2. Take the star tracer and trace out stars all over the watercolor papers. Cut out.


3. Count out your stars and divide them into even piles. Then cut the embroidery floss to fit leaving a bit at the top for attaching to the wreath. Glue the floss to the back of each star.

4. Tie to wreath and create a bit of a hanging mechanism at the top. Hang in a lovely, well-lit location.

These have wonderfully jump started the big kid’s creative juices with her creating a fairy home tree and some other fun scenes beneath her mobile. They also give the girls rooms a sweet charm that I totally love.


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  1. Elizabeth Hansen says:

    So pretty! So simple! Thought: sandwich the stars together with the floss, string, whatever, between them, that way, when the stars move around, there’s no “backside”. Could even add a whisper of glitter to the stars and spray with hairspray or acrylic spray to seal glitter on to the paper. Endless ideas. So fun! Thanks for sharing.

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