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| April 5, 2011 | 2 Comments

If there is one fond memory of childhood that I regularly look back on and smile about, it is the years of summer camps where we rode horses, canoed on mountain lakes, sung hilarious songs (that I still remember and catch myself humming) and made great crafts. Some of the creative goodness blurs together a bit. But, one that really stood out for me was spending hours and hours making piles of gods eyes.

This traditional Mexican Easter craft is a real celebration of the season and all about color. I’ve been itching to make these for quite a while, but kept screwing up the eye part and never quite got them right. Finally, I had Ken interpret the directions for me and they ended up to be easy as pie (how embarrassing:)).

Our 5-year-old and I spent an afternoon creating these, working together so that she could learn the rhythm of pulling and twisting the wool while wrapping it around the sticks. We had a bit of a cadence going on toward the end and ended up with a lovely couple of hours of crafting.


Here’s what you need:

- Wool or yarn in different colors (we used multi-toned wool, which worked great)

- Popsicle sticks


1. Take the popsicle sticks and put them in a cross shape.


2. To start your gods eye, take the yarn and loop it around one part of the crossed sticks, then bring it over the top and across to the next part of the sticks. Repeat (take a look at the photos for better detail)






3. When you’ve got it all done, tie it off by sliding the extra string through a couple of the layers to make a hanger.


That’s all you need. We made one for Sun, Sea, Forest and Flowers and even ended up with a poem to go with it all. These were a great way-back craft for sure.

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  1. Another Robin says:

    Super cool – got just the wool for this, too, and its been looking for a colourful project. Thanks.

  2. Angela says:

    lovely. I remember those. if I only had some wool.. (as a non-knitter :( ) .. must track some down.

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