Kids Art – The Science of Salt

| May 10, 2011 | 1 Comment

Our oldest daughter and I love to combine science and art. We’re always looking for ways to combine mediums to create something really cool while seeing how things like salt, flour, dirt and water work together.

So, when we were working recently on a science unit about absorption, we decided to try something fun combining glue, salt, water and paint which ended up making some very funky abstract art. The coolest part, though, is that the paint actually moves along the salty lines – super fun to watch.

It’s easy to do and also gives your kids a reason to practice patience (no way!).


Here’s what you need:

- Black construction paper

- White glue

- Table salt

- Thin paint brush

- Water

- Watercolor paints


1. Take the construction paper and squirt glue in a fun design all over it. Pour salt over the top, coating the glue and shaking the excess off into a bowl.


2. Take the water and watercolor paints. Dip your paint brush in the water, then the paint. Lightly touch the tip to the lines of salt and glue and watch the color get pulled down the line.


4. Keep painting until all of the lines are filled in.


A super fun, creative way to combine science and art!

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