Summer Crafts – Felt Ice Cream Cones

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Since our big move across the country, I have been at a loss with how to keep the kids otherwise engaged. My craft bins either got donated to the Brooklyn Elementary StrongStart or locked away in our storage unit. Either way, all of my years of thrifting and picking up bits and bobbles that made crafting easy and fun for the girls and me has been a bit lost in the land of new home, new town, no stuff.

When the rain seemed endless a few weekends ago, I finally conceded and busted on over to the local Michael’s. I totally admit that Michael’s, in my estimation, is simply code for “spend all your money here because everything costs an arm and a leg.” But, the universe granted me a reprieve and I just happened to be there on the day they set out more than a dozen shopping carts full of 90% off merchandise. My craft bins were at least mildly revived.

We set out to make some new pretend play toys and the kids are all about the fun felt creations. So, seeing that we had also had the summer of ice-cream-as-often-as-possible, we decided to make felt ice cream cones – easy and fun. Besides the fact that the nearly 2-year-old tried to lick them the first few times – much to her dismay they were not flavored strawberry – they have made a sweet addition to hours of pretend play.

Here’s the very quick tutorial:

Here’s what you need:

- Different sized ice cream-colored pompons

- Brown felt squares

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun (parents only!)


1. Take the felt squares and cut out different sized triangles that can wrap up neatly into cones. Test before you cut, taking a point of the felt and making it into a cone shape. Then you know where to cut.

2. Hot glue the edge of the cone to keep it together

3. Decide what color and size pompons you will use. Glue the largest in the bottom. Then, use a dot of hot glue on top of each additional pompon you add.

4. Let them dry for a few minutes and then you have a fun, sweet summertime toy.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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