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My husband came upstairs at about 2:30 a.m. this morning and nudged me gently. He rarely comes to bed before the sun rises (night owl to my daylight lover). So, when he whispered “Hey” I knew it was either because the wee babe was sick or he had something rather significant to reveal.

“Obama won,” he said quietly, knowing that he would rather be running around the house doing a few victory laps in honor of the news.

While that late-night piece of information surely measured up as significant, he also knew that I had avoided Twitter, Facebook feeds and even making one single shred of personal commentary on politics or the U.S. Presidential candidates since the campaign kicked off more than a year ago. Being an American living and working in Canada for the last 6 years, I had taken my fair share of criticism. No way was I going to publicly encourage those who saw politics and choice through a different looking glass the opportunity to take a swing.

U.S. politics, for me, had proven to engender  family de-friending family on Facebook, vicious vitriol and name-calling, hatred and darkness.

I rolled over and breathed a profound sigh of relief for it simply being over. Getting us all standing next to each other and agreeing that – politics aside – we can build homes for each other, homes that include healthy food, equal rights, freedoms that have nothing to do with religion but instead with heart, generosity that begets generosity made way more sense.

Then, I wandered downstairs and found myself on Facebook where the name-calling, accusations and posts about American’s downward spiral gave me a profound moment of pause.

At the end of every election cycle since the beginning of time, the losers are angry. So angry that some of them become vicious, loud-mouthed bullies. We all have done it (admit it). Why are we so angry? Why do we declare, when on the losing side of the Democratic process, that the process is flawed and bogus? Why do we blame others and sit back in our arm chairs calling people stupid and ignorant, all the while going on with our day-to-day lives waiting for someone else to do something about it?

I have written and erased, written and erased at least a dozen diatribes on politics and humanity this morning. But, instead of revealing my personal position, I’m going to introduce you to a few reasons to make the choice to not post ANYTHING related to politics on Facebook or anywhere for that matter for the next couple of days. Instead, invest in the people around you. Who cares what their politics are, if they go to church, what their personal position is on abortion, gay marriage and the right to smoke weed.

Now is the time to get out of that chair we have all found ourselves in, angry as hell, and begin making personal investments in humanity.

Do something simple – or go be epic. But, go do something that takes all of this division of country and community and people and shelves it for good. And, when you go back to Facebook in a few days or a couple of weeks after you buy a box of oranges and give it to your neighbor, pay a bill for your mom because it’s a nice thing to do, volunteer or get all crazy and go take something that has really been bugging you (like wanting more cycling in your town, or getting a crew of artists together to help clean up a space in your neighborhood) share it!

Be inspired to be full of action.

Take a peek at some of the remarkable people doing that right now:

Karen Walrond is taking the beauty myth and turning it on its ear in ways that are magical and real:

Jason Roberts decided his town needed to change. So, instead of asking for permission, he went out and made electric, vibrant, community-building change happen through sheer action through Building A Better Block.

Lana Wachowski moves the world with her message of hope, action and love to LGBT youth and adults alike. Changing the world with her personal story:

John Franklin Stephens took a stand against hateful remarks made by Anne Coulter and chooses love over hate:

Once you begin to connect, take that first step out into the world to meet everyone at street level, politics and the whole idea of “belief” that keeps us separate gives way to the amazing energy of connection. You are nearly guaranteed something awesome you never expected.


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  1. Anne M says:

    This just might be your best article ever, Robin. And that is saying a lot. Thanks for this .

  2. Our Big Earth Staff says:

    Thank you so much Anne. That means the world to me.

  3. Hafsa says:

    Perfect timing for this post! Just what everybody needs to hear right now… I wish it could be published on all the front pages!
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring,

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