Toddler Crafts – Inexpensive Magazine Collages That Get Them Learning Too

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The big kids have gone back to school and there you are, at least mostly housebound in the freezing January weather with at least one wee person under 5 in tow. It’s mildly panic-inducing, especially since the winter holidays emptied the bank account and heading out to the craft store for some things to keep the tiny people busy is like going to IKEA. You can’t leave without at least $50 leaving your bank account. Since $50 is about all that is left until the next pay period…you get the picture.

On both coasts, we here at OBE are in the same boat – 2-year-olds in need of some fun. So, we scoured the archives and craft blogs for ideas. Then, when we thought all was lost, one of us caught their 2-year-old pulling old magazines out of a drawer and ripping them to bits while we were making that next pot of coffee.


Kid scissors, glue sticks and a few fancy bits and bobbles came out of the cupboard too. The magazines had a distinct theme of wild animals (much like the 2-year-olds). And, we figured that we could feel extra awesome in the mom department today for happening upon a cheap, fun educational good time…by mistake.

Collages are a great way to reuse old magazines, help the kids with sequencing or sorting into categories. We opted for learning names of cool animals and counting, realizing this had the potential to make some room in that drawer that got dumped out too. Ooooh, organization and kids crafts. We ARE extra awesome.

This also had the delightful bonus of being super easy. Yes, we still had to be there, cut things out, not just sit back and relish our genius while sipping that fresh cup of joe. But, it was fun and no one got confused. That’s a good day in any mom’s book.

So, quick tutorial:

1. Get some old magazine and cut them up with your kids. If your kids are wee, let them bust out the safety scissors and cut on a piece of paper you don’t care about while you cut out the important stuff.

2. Find a piece of paper to glue the cutouts onto.

3. Use a glue stick to paste everything on and let the kids go to town decorating it.

4. While you are at it, use this chance to help them learn some new words, counting, creatures, foods, whatever you are cutting up. (You are a rockstar by now).

5. Hang in a prominent location around the house to show off how cool everyone is and then whip up some snacks because that was hard work.

We love it when our kids figure things out for us…especially when they decide it’s time for a nap right after it all.

Happy crafting!


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