5 Easy Kid Lunches in 15 Minutes

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In the land of the pre-schooler, lunch time can be akin to pulling teeth. Getting our kiddos to sit down at the table and chow down on healthy meals that they love and don’t take us ages to make is a modern parental priority. It’s also a monumental modern parenting accomplishment.

Picky kids are par for the course. But, here are five lunch time meals for the under 5 crowd that have a pretty stellar success rate and all take less than 15 minutes to whip up (yeehaw!).

Easy Tuna Salad | Kid Lunches

Pint-sized tuna salad

Skip the onions and the celery. Go straight for the pickles, mayo and tuna. This is easy, healthy and tasty. Match it up with a crispy cracker or whole-grain toast for extra goodness.

Toad In A Hole | Kid Lunches

Toad In A Hole

Eggs for lunch are totally the way of the modern mama. Got some tasty bread begging for a partner. Pair it up with an egg for a cozy comfort food. The trick to a perfect toad in the hole is to put the cookie cutter in the middle of the piece of toast in the pan and leave it there, even after cracking the egg into it. Leave the heat on medium with a cover to poach the egg a bit (a bit of water helps, but not too much). Voila. Magic.

Quick Veggie Soup | Kid Lunches

15-minute Veggie Soup

Easy soups are the staple of kid lunches. With some veggie or chicken stock, an onion and random veggies you can make a soup for lunch in a flash. Delish.

California Rolls | Kid Lunches

California Rolls for Kids

Don’t fear the sushi! Making it, especially California rolls, is super easy. The key is to put the rice on about 30 minutes before you want to make them so it can cool. Get some fake crab, nori and avocado and – bam – sushi. You can actually do this with anything your kids will eat. It is awesome.

Honey & Fruit Yogurt | Kid Lunches

Honey and Fruit Yogurt

If all else fails, go for the yogurt. We’re not talking about the sugar-packed pre-made stuff off the supermarket shelf. You can whip up a healthy meal that appeals with plain yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and good-quality honey that will make any kiddo smile.

We’d love to hear some of your quick kiddo lunch ideas! Hope you enjoy and this helps make that lunch-time grind a bit more easygoing.

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