The Green Family – Making Cleaning The Fridge Nutritious

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The chill of winter is duking it out with the warming sunshine of spring right now. It even looks that way in our refrigerators. All of that winter veg that we have been whipping up cozy meals with for the last few months is starting to give way to a few more spring-like items. But, this time of year also means we may be getting a little bored with the brussell sprout, cabbage and root veggie scene. Our refrigerator bins are starting to show it.

But, before you get bummed out about the veg that would otherwise end up in the compost bin, we have a healthy, green solution for your nearly-expired vegetable collection – make a pot of garbage soup stock.

Now, the name doesn’t sound so appealing. But, if those veggies in your bins aren’t gooey yet but won’t make it to the dinner table, try busting out the crock pot for this awesome way to use all those goodies up.

Clean The Refrigerator Out To Make Soup Stock

It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you ever paid $3 a container for stock ever. Plus it will make your soups, stews and other recipes needing stock sing like magic. Other bonuses include: Low sodium, you know exactly what is in your stock (no fillers), stock is one of the healthiest and health-giving foods out there.

Here’s the recipe:

Take whatever veg (other than potatoes, too starchy) that is in your veggie bin, throw it in the crock pot with a cut up onion, fill the crock pot with water to the top line and set it to cook for 6-8 hours.

You can start it at breakfast and have it ready for dinner. When it is done, let it cool completely, strain the veg out and put it in the compost bin, then ladle the stock into freezer containers. Pop it in the freezer to use when you need it (it thaws fast) or leave some in the refrigerator for that week’s cooking.

Tip: If you taste it and think BLECH, that’s to be expected. Without any salt, stock is a very simple, plain tasting broth. But, when you mix it into your recipes and season them, it brings the meals to life.

Have a warm, wonderful, green sort of day!


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